Tuesday, May 24, 2005

post-graduation reckoning

Number of:

books I've read: 1. Robin McKinley's The Hero and the Crown

books I've bought: 1. I've been very good so far. But wait till I get to the used books table at the library.

magazines I've bought: 2. I wish Bust would publish monthly!

movies I've seen: 1. Hitchhikers again, with sis.

times I've been to Steak'n'Shake: 1, to visit with K.

times I've thought about going back to get another of their Double Fudge Chocolate Shakes: 129,873,984,723

times I've called friends in Rural Small Town: 0. am very bad friend.

squabbles I've had with Mommie Dearest: 5.

job applications I've put in: 2.

times I've heard about Shithead's new girlfriend, Nice Catholic Girl: 9,865,597,567,887,656,476,454

emails I've exchanged with English Girl: 11.

times I've been teased/warned about Frenchmen: 6.

articles knitted: 3. Two wristbands, and I've started my very first sweater. I feel so domestic.

times I've been intending to post: 7

times I've dyed my hair purple: 1

times I've wondered when to dye it electric blue with my nifty new spray on hair dye: 15

more book reviews to come, now that I've actually got the time for it. Besides, as you can see, not much is going on around here.


At 9:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

tee hee, you're funny.

At 11:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Robin McKinley - always an excellent choice :-) Amanda

At 4:28 PM, Blogger Andygrrl said...

Amanda!! Hi! I totally didn't know you read this boring thing! And yes, Robin McKinley rocks. I really enjoyed "The Door in the Hedge". But I haven't read "Beauty and the Beast" which is supposed to be her best, I hear.


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