Friday, October 01, 2004

a completely unrandom ten

Because it's Friday, and I'm brain dead from a shit load of papers followed by exams, with a little mooning over my prof thrown in to make me completely incoherent. So, as always, I'm going to copy the cool kids, and list my Friday Random Ten:

1. Whip out your IPOD or MP3 player. 2. Set to random play. 3. List the first ten songs.

1. "Newry Highwayman"--Boiled in Lead--Antler Dance
2. "Hard Times"--Boiled in Lead--Orb
3. "Stowaway"--The Coming Grass--transient
4. "Angeles"--Enya--Shepherd Moons
5. "Johnny Jump Up/Morrison's Jig"--Gaelic Storm--Gaelic Storm
6. "McCloud's Reel/Whup Jamboree"--Gaelic Storm--Gaelic Storm
7. "Hills of Connemara"--Gaelic Storm--Gaelic Storm
8. "Brothen"--Ffynnon--Pais Dinogad
9. "I Want to Row on the Crew/Sailor's Chantey"--Cole Porter--Anything Goes
10. "Big Yellow Taxi"--Joni Mitchell--Ladies of the Canyon

...and further prove what a big geek I am. I don't really make a habit of downloading music, mainly because I'm paranoid about fucking up my computer. Could this list get any less random? With the exception of Cole Porter, The Coming Grass, and Joni, it's all celtic-influenced folky stuff. Just another hard core Irish trad geek, who's gonna spend her Friday night listening to acappella Gaelic singing, because Navan is playing here, in Podunk USA of all places, TONIGHT!!


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