Saturday, September 11, 2004

Run out the cannons!! FIIIIIYAAAAAAHHH!!!

Holy crap! They have Hornblower quizzes!! Huzzah!!

You're COMMANDING ARCHIE. You usually have a grip
on yourself these days. Giving orders? No
problem. Blasting up French forts? Can't
wait!!! You're a little quick to act sometimes,
but that's fine by us. I mean, heck, you're
ARCHIE after all.

Which Archie Kennedy are you?
brought to you by Quizzilla

But the other one I found doesn't seem to be working. In fact the quizzilla results never seem to show up properly on this thing. Hmph.

::Sigh:: Right. Back to The Dream of the Rood, which is not as cool as it sounds...

...or I could take a Sylvia Plath quiz and get a grammatically incorrect result.

Which Sylvia Plath Poem Am I?

by echoing


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