Monday, February 12, 2007

and now, on a more esoteric note...

Neil Gaiman, in addition to be a fantastically witty, hugely talented author, now tells fortunes.

First of all, THIS IS NOT A TOY. THIS IS A SERIOUS INSTRUMENT OF DIVINATION. It should only be used by those prepared to approach it with the proper sense of reverence and mystical awe, those among you who are emotionally and spiritually prepared to have the curtain drawn, and to come face to face with YOUR OWN FUTURE

How sad is it that I've actually met people in town who actually talk like this. They all have pseudo-Hindu names and talk about Light and Essence in capital letters.

However, I did as I was told, did some deep breathing, grounded and centered my Self, set my Intention, and asked Neil if I'd be able to pay my rent next month. He, in his infinite wisdom, replied:

I couldn't be horrified, it was too funny.

Which was not entirely reassuring. I think I'll stick to my tarot cards, I can make them mean whatever I want if I try hard enough.


At 9:12 AM, Blogger Sfrajett said...

Ha! I agree about the tarot cards. I always think of them as a little like what therapy is supposed to be--they tell you what you already know, but don't know you know!


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