Monday, January 29, 2007

you're darn right I'm moping

I am crashing hard after all that. It doesn't help that I live with an extroverted Sagittarian male who just sucks up personal energy. Oh, and I decided to start a new job while I'm at it (I'll take this opportunity to note the irony that behind the scenes, spas are complete madhouses. Not so serene after all. Those of us studying the healing arts all seem to be a wreck in one way or another).

So I'm indulging in lots of tea and Jane Austen (see right. Also extensive rewatchings of Pride and Prejudice. Although thanks to Winter's influence, I'll probably start geeking out on Battlestar Galatica for comfort food too).

I read a joke somewhere once about a guy who wanted "If I can just get through this week..." carved on his tombstone. It's a pretty fair description of the current state of affairs.


At 6:56 PM, Blogger JaneFan said...

Stephanie Barron's mysteries are such a great escape - they have all the familiarity of Jane Austen's world, but little of the intense emotions to get caught up in. I mean that as a compliment - they're smart and well-researched, but still light and fun.
I see you're on the second. If you're reading the series I'll warn you that the third (I think) and the sixth have some harrowing events that made me feel rather sorry for "Detective" Jane (and for real Jane, in that book 3 deals with the death of Anne Lefroy)

I hope the job gets better and the other situations become, well, more bearable!!

At 4:47 AM, Blogger DeniseUMLaw said...


You'll get through it. I promise.

Of course, NEXT week is going to be a bitch.

At 10:57 AM, Blogger Andygrrl said...

thanks for the tip, janefan! Austen makes such a great sleuth, doesn't she?

Thanks denise. Nothing a little Regency escapism can't fix.


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