Thursday, June 22, 2006

[clever title]

Reason # 872,374 that I love librarians: the Library Ladies, as I call them, still remember me by name and ask about my life and plans. I haven't worked at my local public library in 5 years, but every time I go there (which is often, to be frank) they're smiling, "Hi Andy! What are you up to these days?" And they're genuinely interested. They're all middle-aged suburban soccer mom types, and I know for a fact that Mary Ann is a fundie evangelical who takes Revelations literally and reads Left Behind, but even she never bats an eye as she checks out my copies of The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love or Too Queer: Essays from a Radical Life. I love these women. In a place that's otherwise very isolating and unfriendly, they rock.

And now for something completely different: Blog Naming.
I'm thinking of changing the name of this blog to La Guerrillere. "The Guerrilla Fighter (feminine)". A reference to Montique Wittig's Les Guerrilleres, which, unfortunately, I've never read, but now I have an incentive! Except the library doesn't have it so I guess I'll have to save up for it...if I can find a bookstore that stocks it...Anyway, I always loved that oft-quoted passage from the book:

There was a time when you were not a slave, remember that you walked alone, full of laughter, you bathed bare-bellied. You may have lost all recollection of it, remember... You say there are not words to describe it, you say it does not exist. but remember, make an effort to remember, or, failing that, invent.

I also like how the name La Guerrillere hints at The Guerrilla Girls, one of my favorite feminist organizations. It encompases my love for French and the influence French feminism has had on me. And I think it kind of outlines my political position--guerrilla warfare fights on its own terms, it doesn't play by their enemies rules, and I think feminism needs to do so much more than put up with the Democrats or try get a woman elected president. You're not going to get very far if we keep playing their game instead of criticising the system itself, finding ways to subvert it or work around it.

But I'm a pacifist and La Guerrillere is a bit militant. And I wonder if my whole "fight the power!" attitude isn't a bit of youthful enthusiasm and naivete. I still really, really like it as a blog name though. I don't know, it's just an idea: what do you all think?


At 9:42 AM, Blogger reasonably prudent poet said...

that book... if you were in portland, i'd guarantee you could find it in stock somewhere, probably even the library but certainly at powell's. you should check out to see if you can order it... as soon as you can afford it. they sell used books online too, so maybe you can get a deal.

At 4:19 AM, Blogger Winter said...

I think that's a good name. It's assertive, a bit provocative, and has connotations of feminism and queer theory - it fits the bill.

At 7:30 AM, Blogger Andygrrl said...

It's also super-difficult for an Anglophone to pronounce correctly, but that amuses me.

La Guerrillere it is! Vive la feminisme!


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