Saturday, May 13, 2006

Andy Does Dublin

Well, theoretically. Dublin doesn't seem to have a lesbian bar (plenty of gay male bars, OF COURSE. Would it kill them to donate a bar to us dykes?), just monthly parties that I've missed out on. Still, there are some mixed bars I'll check out, because after my tour I'm dying to queer it up as much as possible. I kind of wish I had gone to The Kremlin, the ::gasp:: gay club! in Belfast that turned out to be just around the corner from my hostel. Given the choice between Irish drag queens and pissed Aussie straights, I think I know who's better company on a Friday night.

Did the Black Cab Tour of Belfast this morning, which was fascinating, in spite of myself. Saw all the creepy-ass murals, Shankill and Falls Road and the Peace Wall (what a misnomer; it was built to block bombs and bottles from hitting the houses on either side). The cabbies were full of info and horrible stories and it was all a bit surreal, because what a pointless, hopeless conflict, and the whole time we're hearing about these murders and riots and fires and the people in the neighborhoods are just going about their lives trying to ignore us. There's a Loyalist mural with a giant masked militant pointing a gun straight at the viewer; and next to it there was a woman outside the building hanging her laundry to dry in the morning sun. People walking their dogs, getting the mail. Saw a man with a jug of milk get buzzed into the Sinn Fein headquarters, while on the other side of the street a little girl in white headed to her First Communion with her family.

well. I really really need to get drunk and go dancing. So, that's all I got for now.


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