Tuesday, June 06, 2006

well hellfire and damnation

I'm so disappointed. I mean, if ever there was a good date for the Rapture, it's today. Darn it. My fundie home-schooling neighbors have a pretty swank car, I was hoping to swipe it when they flew up in the sky to meet Jesus.

Ah well. I'll just spend my day wearing my black tank and pentacle necklace, listening to Joy of Satan Radio. I have a Pope Card, maybe I'll make an Anti-Christ one as well.

Honestly, Satanic music seems to be lots of boring heavy metal with sometimes amusing lyrics. But what the hell.

Have a happy 666, everybody. Go freak out some Normals!


At 3:49 AM, Blogger Winter said...

For a moment then I thought you'd flipped, but then I realised I was just being slow, the date, of course.

Actually today is one of my friend's birthdays and I didn't wind her up about it.


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