Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I'm having a Mo moment

I missed the bus. Flickr is being a bitch. The computers are as cooperative as my 13 year old students. The Dykes to Watch Out For archives are blocked by the computer nanny thing. Nothing for it but to surrepetitiously whip out my latest copy of Girlfriends and snark. From the Editor, swooning over the revolutionary impact of The L Word:
Mainstream advertisers whohad no idea about our readership (or worse, had terrible stereotypes about us) suddenly "get it". We're not all man-hating, jobless anarchists with bad haircuts.
To quote: Dude, speak for yourself. She says "man-hating jobless anarchists with bad haircuts" like it's a bad thing. I knew the MHJAWBHs (yay acronyms!) in college, all four of them; not only were they the nicest, coolest people around, some of them were men! They lived in a communal house just off campus and made zines. We had a great time marching in the freezing drizzle on November 3, after the election. They let me carry the "Keep Your Rosaries Off My Ovaries!" flag. I aspire to be more like them! Except for the jobless bit. And my hair is pretty frickin' cool. And maybe I should actually learn something about anarchism first...
But seriously, I wasn't aware that the ultimate goal of the queer liberation movement was equal opportunity commodification and exploitation. Hey there, Mr. White Male Corporate Executive With His Head Up His Ass--we're cogs in the capitalist machine too, y'know!

le sigh.

On the bright side, the French are striking again, so I don't have to work on Thursday. And I found another French dyke mag, Oxydo, which I'm enjoying.


At 4:01 AM, Blogger Winter said...

Yes, the ultimate goal of the queer movement is lesbian Sex in the City. If someone had told me that I wouldn't have signed on.


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