Thursday, January 20, 2005

She's gone with the man in the long black coat

You are a Folkie. Good for you.

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(look, it's a quizilla quiz, I've done everything I can, I have no idea why Blogger won't show the damn link. don't blame me)

Well, yeah. I remember discovering Bob Dylan when I was fifteen and spending the next few years exploring all the musical and literary connections: started listening to Woody Guthrie, who was singing about Okies, and reading John Steinbeck who was writing about them, checking out Springsteen's The Ghost of Tom Joad album, and finding Pete Seeger and Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell. I was fascinated by Dylan's word play and imagery, especially on songs like "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall" and "Desolation Row." Though musically speaking I tend to like some of the covers of his work better; Joan Osborne's got a knock-out version of "Man in the Long Black Coat."

Anyway, I wanted to mention that there's still an official website up for Charlotte Gray (yeah I'm still hung up on that movie. I can't help it. I think I'm gonna have to read the book), and it's got a great section on real S.O.E. agents and couriers who worked with the Resistance, definitely worth checking out.


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