Saturday, November 06, 2004


See? Fluffy nonsense. According to google I am a Canadian orphan, the spinster daughter of minor English nobility, and hiding from the Nazis. And possibly a Brazilian p0rn star.

anne is special (I edited the list for repeats and wierdness, but this seriously was the first result)
anne is bored with her current homepage
anne is new mayor
anne is an author
anne is kindly fetched by the trumpet
anne is a book
anne is a naughty average girl
anne is awesome
anne is a bitch
anne is the greatest
anne is starvin' marvin
anne is stuck with him
anne is a infant
anne is pleased to accept your special order requests
anne acting special anne didn't know my camera could do movies
anne is invited out to tea
anne is such an unromantic name (beg to differ!)
anne is fashion's weakest link (Am not! I look killer in the Big-Ass Dyke Boots!)
anne is eight years old
anne is 10
anne is loved by millions the world over (See, that cheers me right up!)
anne is a kindred spirit
anne is the one who speaks and introduces herself
anne is thrilled to meet the dashing american writer jack garrison
anne is an expert in the field of people (Oh ha. This would be funny if it weren't so depressing)
anne is committed to tax relief
anne is including a free lds youth short story on this website
anne is dead (Well, that explains why I've had such a bad week...)
anne is an attractive 18
anne is a paradise for snowboarders
anne is a member of actra and the canadian actors' equity association
anne is located north of downtown
anne is a literacy champion
anne is shocked at the differences between her own family and that of the van daans
anne is frightened because she is not used to such darkness and silence at night
anne is rather modern in her dress and speech
anne is currently parliamentary private secretary to rt hon patricia hewitt mp
anne is a real estate agent that is known in the community of new bedford for her dedicated client service
anne is drawn to help her
anne is distraught and begs him to reconsider
anne is instrumental in the arrangement and production of her cover and it shows especially in the remixes where she injects pace and personality into a
anne is issued her private pilot's license
anne is very beautiful
anne is (That's right folks. I AM Who AM!)
anne is a professional speaker (no, I'm really not)
anne is open to change and willing to accept direction
anne is put on trial for witchcraft (YIKES)
anne is not subsidized
anne is a member of the official phenomenal women of the web seal
anne is standing in front of a traditional picket fence with wild roses blooming on either side
anne is very dynamic and motivating
anne is well known for her versatility
anne is the patroness of brittany
anne is a lecturer in modern british history with interests which run from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries
anne is an inspirational and dynamic keynoter and trainer who is consistently ranked highest on participant evaluations
anne is a featured author in this book of heartwarming
anne is sitting in front of bright river station waiting to be picked up and taken to her new foster home
anne is dressed in a green and white polka dot pinafore (Well no wonder I'm fashion's weakest link)
anne is a natural healer who gives workshops
anne is off to uppercross
anne is the patron saint of equestrians (Am I the patron saint of Breton equestrians?)
anne is newly built with every modern amenity
anne is fortunate to have two campuses of the university of maryland nearby
anne is located across from the millennium bank at the plaza entrance
anne is clearly above such matters
anne is granted permission to go to the ball and before matthew goes to the lawson's mercantile to buy anne a dress
anne is now 27 and is starting to feel herself prematurely middle
anne is an international caliber resort with the following facilities
anne is interested in the teaching of all skills within eap courses
anne is not a real girl (I'm a superhero)
anne is incredible (See?)
anne is a life member of the ninety
anne is redefining the level of women's riding with insane amplitude and smooth technical tricks
anne is displayed for public in the regina caeli chapel of st
anne is currently preparing to go into the studio with legendary american producer and guitarist john beland
anne is responsible for looking after the express horses lodged at the station
anne is never portrayed the same
anne is forced to listen to the constant
anne is asked to provide the keynote address for photokina 1998
anne is a great getaway
anne is an initiated priestess of the reclaiming and feri traditions of witchcraft (I guess that's why I'm on trial. Get out before I start naming names!)
anne is rescued by peg and returns to avonlea with a new found respect for this mysterious woman of the woods
anne is a star
anne is debugging
anne is escorted
anne is cips usa fuck
anne is my little little world
anne is infectous (Wow. I really do have cooties!)
anne is koerper teen mpegs
anne is elegant
anne is gefesselte amatur orgy
anne is home to a wide variety of colourful fish and is a tempting invitation to swimming
anne is presented flowers after the trade and tourism luncheon april 25
anne is a true story about an abandoned dog that touched the hearts of all she met
anne is finally here
anne is located in the central catskills la duchesse
anne is a first class hotel
anne is devastated but
anne is well respected internationally as a dj and producer
anne is a generic reader (I think not)
anne is visiting the usa and europe in november and december to promote and discuss her new book pure
anne is a member of romance writers of america
anne is soooo cute and unique
anne is very outspoken
anne is contemporary
anne is one of memphis finest assets
anne is the best of times and the worst of times
anne is open as part of the art tour 2003 at
anne is nudesmale p0rnografia portuguesa
anne is here
anne is evicted
anne is brasilenas xx story
anne is leathermen pakistan (That's just scary)
anne is livecam prostitution dallas
anne is fetishfemdom springbreak
anne is stadium desnudos gratis
anne is ok
anne is in a snow storm
anne is "virtually" separated from her husband
anne is an island (Shows what you know, Mr. Donne!)
anne is the outcast
anne is a superior tourist
anne is very happy at sam’s house
anne is not the sort of person to sit at home and do nothing and decided to look into volunteering
anne is south brent's unsung hero
anne is still among us at the amazing age of 112
anne is a seasoned word surgeon (This one's my favorite)


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