Tuesday, October 31, 2006

not undead yet

So, here I am in the public library, all decked out in my Death costume (the character from the Sandman comics), looking pretty gothic and foxy, if I do say so myself. It's a nice change, cause guess what I got for my birthday?


Yep, the birthday was fine, but at about 3 AM that night my glands swelled up like I'd swallowed two tennis balls and I suddenly couldn't talk. But I went to work anyway. Nothing ibuprofen can't fix, right? But I ached all over, and my sinuses started acting up, I was so tired I could barely stand, and then I got a fever. I called my mom the registered nurse and she said, "Mono! Stay in bed!" So I did. I had to rearrange all my exams and miss some class, and it turns out I was PMSing at the same time. Fun!

It was a good thing, actually. One of those cosmic two-by-fours to the head. "Massage therapist, heal thyself," and all that. I was doing too much, stretching myself too thin and not focusing on what I'm here for: studying and training. So now I've reshuffled some priorities a bit, cut back my work hours, etc. I feel much better. I'm still going to have fatigue symptoms for another month maybe, which will keep me from slipping back into my old habits I guess.

So Happy Halloween everyone. I'm going to run some errands, read some tarot, and watch some Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere series.


At 8:23 AM, Blogger belledame222 said...

gah! hope the glands have gone down by now.

how is Neverwhere (the broadcast)? i'd heard not-so-hot things, mostly wrt production values. worth the rental?

btw, how are you liking the Phyllis Curott?


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