Tuesday, February 24, 2004

wow, apparently people are actually reading this thing...

People have started linking to me! And commenting as well. Thought I'd give you all a run-down of my links over there on the side bar (flattery will get you everywhere):

The Republic of Pemberley is quite possibly the most civilized place on the net. If you're a Janeite, you probably already know of it; if you have the misfortune to be ignorant of the wonders of Jane Austen, the ROP is the place to find enlightenment.

Tilneys and Trapdoors is Mags personal website, and one of my favorite places on the net. I don't read a lot of fan fiction, but I never miss one of her Austen fics. I never miss Sick and Wicked either, which is just the perfect name for a snarky Jane Austen blog. On top of all that she's got a shrine dedicated to that most perfect of Austen heroes, Henry "Da Man" Tilney. Remind me to post my poetic parody in praise of the Da Man one of these days.

The Green Man Review is a must for all fans of fantasy literature, folk culture, and roots music. Top notch reviews of everything you can imagine, from mainstream movies to obscure folk musicians in Eastern Europe and farther. Grab a pint of Dragon Breath's Stout, sit down and listen to the Neverending Session, and explore the "roots and branches of art and culture."

Neil Gaiman is a favorite at The Green Man Review, and one of my favorite authors as well. He's a genre-busting author of dark fantasy, and his work is that "Wow-that-was-FANTASTIC-I'm-going-to-go-out-and-read-everything-he's-ever-written-right-now!" kind of good. And even though he dresses all in black and makes his living frightening children, he seems to be a pretty cool and laid-back kind of guy. Don't miss his blog.

The Endicott Studio is a meeting place for authors and artists interested in the mythic and magical. It isn't updated nearly as often as I would like but it's still a great resource for art and literature with mythic themes and elements.

Your Daily Poetry Break is just what it says.

Bookslut is the Queen of Snarkdom, and fun source for all your literary news and reviews.

Bookcrossing is a great concept: setting books free "in the wild," to be picked up a read by the next person who happens by. Like a great big free-floating world-wide library. Nobody's found (or at least contacted Bookcrossing) any of the books I've released yet, but one of these days they'll turn up in Moscow or London or somewhere, I bet.

Ms. Musings, the official blog for Ms. Magazine, is a fun way to get your feminist news.

JaneFan over at Austen-tatious has linked me (thanks!). One can never have too many Jane Austen links. I wonder how many other authors have fan blogs dedicated to their work? Especially ones that have been dead for over 200 years.

Readerville I've already blogged about; Chicklit is a discussion site "for women who love words" (the site seems to be having technical difficulties at the time of this posting; hope it gets fixed soon).

I think I'll be adding some more links later on; but right now I've got some (dense and unfun) reading to do for class, and lunch to eat.
Oh, and I'm still trying to figure out the comments. Argh.


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